New Products

K24900 Portable Fuel Property Analyzer (PFPA)

K47900 EDX1000 Benchtop EDXRF Elemental Analyzer

K47910 EDX2000 Benchtop EDXRF Elemental Analyzer Plus

K47920 EDX3000 Benchtop EDXRF Elemental Analyzer Advanced

K71000 Automatic Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Analyzer

KC2020 Laboratory Centrifuges for Research Applications

KC3060 Laboratory Centrifuges for Analytical Applications

KC4040 ASTM Oil Test Centrifuges

Extraction Process Equipment

Kjeldahl Method for Determining Nitrogen

Coulometric Determination of Halogens

K60094 Water and Sediment Determination by Portable Centrifuge

BVS5000 Low Temperature Viscosity by Rotational Viscometer System

K447-MX Dynamic Viscosity by Master Series Rotational Viscometer

K447-PX Dynamic Viscosity by Power Series Rotational Viscometer

K447-SX Dynamic Viscosity by Sharp Series Rotational Viscometer

K447-BX Dynamic Viscosity by Bold Series Rotational Viscometer

VDS3000 Distillation of Petroleum Products at Reduced Pressure

K8006X Ductility and Elastic Recovery of Bituminous Materials

K60002 Water and Sediment Determination by Automatic Centrifuge

K23050 Salts in Crude Analyzer

K441X0 Automatic Non-Woods Metal Noack Evaporative Apparatus

KLA-7 Automatic Low Temperature Flow Test Analyzer

KLA-3-TS Automatic Cloud and Pour Point Analyzer w/ Touch Screen

KLA-4-TS Automatic Cold Filter Plugging Point System w/ Touch Screen

KLA-5-TS Automatic Freezing Point Analyzer w/ Touch Screen

K86200 Automatic Density Meter

KLA-6 Automatic Filter Plugging Tendency Analyzer (FPT)

K38500 Apparent Viscosity of Engine Oils

K27550 Automatic Petroleum Refractometer

K320S-200 Remaining Useful Life Evaluation Routine (RULER®)

K13270 Petroleum Automatic Colorimeter-AC100

K13560 Automated Colorimeter-AC500

K16175 Automatic High Voltage Insulating Oil Tester

K33068 General Purpose Baths

K41100 Determination of Carbon Residue (Micro Conradson Method)

K47100 Automated Flocculation Titrimeter

K45603 Automatic Distillation Analyzer 5000 Series

K87900 Fuel Blending System

K22753 LKV3000/LKV4000/LKV5000 Digital Refrigerated Constant Temperature Kinematic Viscosity Baths

K8610-6584 Free and Total Glycerin by Gas Chromatograph

K8610-1003 Ethanol Purity & Methanol Content by Gas Chromatograph

K24110 Muffle Furnace