K88500 Air Release Value Apparatus & Data Acquisition Software

Test Method
The ability of a turbine, hydraulic, or lubricating oil to separate entrained air is a key performance characteristic in applications where agitation causes a dispersion of air bubbles in the oil. To determine air release properties, the sample is heated to a specified test temperature and blown with compressed air. After the air flow is stopped, the time required for the air entrained in the oil to reduce in volume to 0.2% is the air bubble separation time.

Features and Benefits
• Complete instrument and data acquisition system exclusively designed for conducting ASTM D3427, IP 313 and related test methods

• Powerful software system for Windows®-based PC platforms automates sample density measurements as well as the calculation of the air release value, the first order rate of air release, and the volume percent air versus time

• High accuracy temperature control with digital setpoint and display

• Digital control panel leads user from start to finish of test operation

• Automatic calculation of final sample density for determination of air release value

• Redundant overtemperature protection circuitry assures safe operation

K88500 Air Release Value Apparatus
Air Release Value Apparatus consists of a test vessel and air flow control equipment for delivering heated air at the specified flow rate to a lubricating oil sample maintained at constant temperature. Microprocessor-based control panel guides user from start to finish of the test procedure, calculates sample target density, and provides the time operation for measuring the air release value of the test sample. The system includes drying oven for warming the test oil at temperatures of up to 100°C; circulating bath with digital temperature controller and air bath for sinker; compressed air heater with digital temperature controller, overtemperature and overpressure protection; pressure gauge; thermometer; jacketed sample tube with air inlet/outlet tubes and baffle plate.

Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D3427; IP 313; DIN 51381; NF E 48-614

Temperature Range: ambient to 75°C (167°F)

Included Accessories
Jacketed Test Vessel
ASTM 12C Thermometer
Sinkers, 5mL and 10mL
Drying oven
Pressure gauge
Circulating Bath
Air Bath for Sinker
Platinum Wire

Electrical Requirements
115V 60Hz, 3.0A
230V 50Hz, 1.5A
230V 60Hz, 1.5A

Dimensions lxwxh,in.(cm)
24x28x38.25 (61x71x97)
(Air Release Value Apparatus only)
Net Weight for complete system: 225 lbs (103kg)

Shipping Information
Shipping Weight for complete system: 300 lbs (136kg)

K88520 Air Release Value Software
Air Release Software automatically calculates the sample target density/mass and then measures the air release value, providing hands-free data acquisition. First-order air release rate constant and the volume percent of air versus time are also determined for more detailed test analysis than required by ASTM D3427 or IP 313 test methods. The sophisticated Windows®-based software package features an easy-to-navigate operation, a straightforward user interface, minimal draw on Windows® memory resources, and automatic real-time data acquisition via RS232 connection. The "test intelligent" software simplifies the testing process by providing sequential test prompts for guiding the operator with each step of the test procedure. The software package requires no PC hardware installation and includes the software installation CD and computer connection cables.

Computer Requirements
PC Processor: Intel® Pentium II or similar (minimum)
Processor Speed: 500 MHz or higher
Operating System: Windows ® 98 SE, 2000, NT, ME, XP
Memory (RAM): 64 Mb RAM (128 Mb RAM recommended)
Hard Disk Space: 15 Mb free space (minimum)
Communication Ports: two RS232 ports
Other Software: Microsoft ® Excel (97 or above)

For a complete demonstration of the Air Release Software Package and its capabilities, please download a copy of the demo version (7.5MB file). After installing the demo software, you will be prompted to quickly register the demo with Koehler via email.

Click here to download the software demo.

Ordering Information
Product Description
Electrical Requirements
K88500 Air Release Value Apparatus
115V 60Hz, 3.0A
K88501 Air Release Value Apparatus
230V 50Hz, 1.5A
K88502 Air Release Value Apparatus
230V 60Hz, 1.5A
Data Acquistion Software Package

Product Description
Jacketed Test Vessel

K88500 Air Release Value Apparatus & Software Literature
Air Release Value Brochure
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