KC4040 ASTM Oil Test Centrifuges

Test Method
Centrifugation provides a convenient means of determining sediment and water content in crude oil, fuel oils, middle distillate fuels and biodiesel. Also used in determining the precipitation number, demulsibility characteristics, trace sediments, and insoluble in used lubricating oils.

ASTM Centrifuges
• Choice of models with large LCD touch screen display or LED display with button selection.
• Rotor recognition
• 10 acceleration rates, 10 deceleration rates
• Extra thick stainless steel bowl and alloy & steel frame
• High technology airflow
• Safety Features include: multi point lid locking, emergency lid release, lid lock detection, imbalance detection, over-speed sensor and motor overheat sensor

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Accessories Available
• Swing Out Rotor
• Buckets
• Pear Tube: 58 x 158 mm
• Long Tube: 37 x 203 mm
• Short Tube: 44 x 166 mm
• Rubber Supports
• Electrodes
• Electrode-Mounted Preamplifiers

Dimensions wxdxh, in.(cm)
Benchtop Models: 14.78 x 24.8 x 24.8 (37.55x63x63)
Net Weight: 154.32 lb (70 kg) (w/o rotor)
Floor Standing Models: 71 x 63 x 63
Net Weight: 180.8 lb (82 kg) (w/o rotor)

Conforms to the specifications of:
ASTM D91, D96, D893, D1290, D1796, D1966, D2273, D2709, D2711, D4007, D5546, FTM 791, ISO 4734, ISO 9030, DIN 51793, NF M 07-020
Speed: 500 – 4000 rpm (1 rpm steps)
Max RCF: 3800 g
Timer: LCD Models: 0 – 99,999 mins & Hold
LED Models: 0 – 99 mins & Hold (30 sec steps)
Memory: LCD Models 108 Programs
LED Models 10 Programs
Acceleration Rates: 10 programs
Deceleration Rates: 10 programs
Temperature Range: Ambient - 90°C
PID Controlled to: ±1°C
Tube Length Max: 205 mm
Radius Max: 21.5 cm
Accel/Decel Time: 45 seconds max
Electrical Requirements:
110V 60Hz, 900W
230V 50/60Hz, 750W

Ordering Information

Product Description
Benchtop Models

ASTM Centrifuge, Benchtop, LCD Model, 110V 60Hz
ASTM Centrifuge, Benchtop, LCD Model, 220-240V 50/60Hz
ASTM Centrifuge, Benchtop, LED Model, 110V 60Hz
ASTM Centrifuge, Benchtop, LED Model, 220-240V 50/60Hz

Product Description
Floor Standing Models


ASTM Centrifuge, Floor Standing, LCD Model, 110V 60Hz

ASTM Centrifuge, Floor Standing, LCD Model, 220-240V 50/60Hz
ASTM Centrifuge, Floor Standing LED Model, 110V 60Hz


ASTM Centrifuge, Floor Standing LED Model, 220-240V 50/60Hz