• pH Meter / Conductivity Meter

pH Meter / Conductivity Meter

pH Meter 

This bench-top pH meter is an ideal aid in every laboratory for routine or R&D level measurement. This instrument measures pH, mV and has 40- point data memory storage. The instrument has two operating modes - 1. Standard mode 2. GLP mode: 40 data readings can be stored, printed and scanned on display. For GLP mode, additional entries of sample name and ID number can be stored. The optional data logging function enables the user to store 24 data points consisting of pH, temperature and time readings. For example, as required in kinetic study or in any chemical reaction. Time intervals from 1min. to 1hr. in steps of 1min. are available. User entries of pH limit values make the data more defined and informative. 

Conductivity Meter 

Koehler offers the perfect choice of a bench-top conductivity meter for measurements in the laboratory - whether routine or at the R&D level. The conductivity meter offers better operating comfort and measuring confidence in all areas of application. Due to a user selective temperature function, the instrument calculates the conductivity at the reference temperature 25 ± 0.1°C with a linear function. Conductivity is an important factor in water analysis for quality of drinking water, direct ionic concentration measurement in pharmaceutical preparations, waste water treatment plants, pollution control in lakes & rivers, boiler feed water and oceanography to determine salinity and TDS.

115V 60Hz
230V 50Hz

  • K90691-1 pH combination electrode (epoxy body) 
  • K90691-2 pH combination electrode (glass body) 
  • K90692-1 Conductivity Cell, 1.0 Constant 
  • K90692-2 Conductivity Cell, 0.1 Constant