• Laboratory Centrifuges for Analytical Applications

Laboratory Centrifuges for Analytical Applications

  • Bright blue LED display for clarity and ease of use
  • Rotor Recognition for safe selection of rotors
  • 10 acceleration rates and 10 deceleration rates
  • 10 program memory
  • Timer 0 - 99 minutes & Hold in 30 second increments
  • Pulse short run for fast pelleting
  • Run in speed (rpm) or rcf (G) in 10 rpm increments
  • Quiet operation at less than 60 db (rotor dependent)
  • Orientation acceleration rate prevents initial sample side deposits
  • Extra thick stainless steel bowl with a zinc coated alloy & steel frame
  • Port opening on lid for tachometer speed verification
  • Industrial grade inverter and brushless motor
  • High technology airflow for a cooler running system
  • Refrigerated Models
  • Variable Temperature Range from -9 °C to +40 °C with stand by cooling
  • Ozone friendly CFC free R404A Gas
  • Valve control of gas for efficient temperature control
  • PID controlled to ± 1 °C for supreme temperature accuracy

Built to last, the Analytical line of Centrifuges have strong construction, yet offer a new sleek design that will fit into any modern laboratory. This range of analytical laboratory centrifuges are available in refrigerated and non-refrigerated models. Micro and Small Sized Analytical Centrifuges are also available in economic "Dual" 2 rotor model option.

Speed: 500 - 15,000 RPM (10 RPM steps) 

RCF Max.: 22,000 G

Timer: 0 - 99 Mins & Hold (30 sec steps)

Memory: 10 programs

Acceleration Rate: 10 programs

Deceleration Rate: 10 programs

    Wxdxh in. (cm)

    KC3010/KC3019/KC3020/KC3029:  9.25x13.78x9.25 (23.5x35x23.5)
    KC3030/KC3039/KC3040/KC3049/KC3050/KC3059: 12.8x18.5x10.83 (32.5x47x27.5)
    KC3060/KC3069: 15.75x19.69x12.21 (40x50x31)
    KC3060-R/KC3068-R/KC3069-R: 17.72x25x12.4 (45x63.5x31.5)
    KC3070/KC3079: 23.62x24.8x14.76  (60x63x37.5)
    KC3070-R/KC3078-R/KC3079-R: 39.29x24.8x16.14 (99.8x63x41)
    KC3080/KC3089/KC3090/KC3099/KC3080-R/KC3088-R/KC3089-R/KC3090-R/KC3098-R/KC3099-R: 25.59x24.8x27.95 (65x63x71)
    Net Weight

    KC3010/KC3019/KC3020/KC3029: 28.22 lbs (12.8 kg)
    KC3030/KC3039/KC3040/KC3049/KC3050/KC3059: 48.06 lbs (21.8 kg)
    KC3060/KC3069: 70.55 lbs (32 kg)
    KC3060-R/KC3068-R/KC3069-R: 136.69 lbs (62 kg)
    KC3070/KC3079: 140 lbs (63.5 kg)
    KC3070-R/KC3078-R/KC3079-R: 242.51 lbs (110 kg)
    KC3080/KC3089/KC3090/KC3099: 176.37 lbs (80 kg)
    KC3080-R/KC3088-R/KC3089-R/KC3090-R/KC3098-R/KC3099-R: 275.57 lbs (125 kg)

    • Rotors: Microtube, Fixed Angle, Swing Out, High Speed Fixed Angle
    • Buckets for Swing Out Rotor
    • Sealed Lids for Buckets
    • Adapters
    • Tubes
    • Rubber Supports