Lubricating Oils Testing Equipment

K441X0 Automatic Non-Woods Metal Noack Evaporative Apparatus

K16175 Automatic High Voltage Insulating Oil Tester

K43002 Foaming Characteristics Apparatus & Data Acquisition Software

K43041 Foaming Characteristics Apparatus, Sequence IV
K39400 Water Separability Tester & Data Acquisition Software
K39180 Demulsibility Characteristics Bath
K88500 Air Release Value Apparatus & Data Acquisition Software Package
K70200 Oxidation Stability Bath, RBOT / TFOUT
K70000 Oxidation Pressure Vessel, RBOT / TFOUT
K70502 Oxidata™ Data Acquisition Software Package
K12230 High Temperature Oxidation Bath, Convertible
K12200 Oxidation Stability Apparatus, 8- & 12-Unit
K12330 Oxidation Stability Apparatus, 30- & 60-Unit
K12201 Oxidation Stability Apparatus, 12-Unit, Solid Block
K12100 Oxidation Stability of Mineral Insulating Oils
K35100 Corrosiveness & Oxidation Stability Apparatus
K56100 Cigre Bath, Oxidation Stability Apparatus
K18660 L-60-1 Performance Test Apparatus
K30160 Rust Preventing Characteristics Oil Bath
K29900 Lead Corrosion Test Apparatus
K30000 Navy Work Factor Machine
K25339 Copper Strip Tarnish Test Apparatus
K29800 Bearing Compatibility Tester
K46100 Cloud Point & Pour Point Apparatus
KLA-1 Automated Cloud Point and Pour Point of Petroleum Products
K50100 Panel Coking Test Apparatus
K44000 Noack Evaporation Loss Apparatus & Data Acquisition Software
K25500 Soot Levels in Diesel Engine Oils, Lab Meter