K29790 Freezing Point of Aviation Fuels

Test Method
The freezing point of an aviation fuel is the lowest temperature at which the fuel remains free of solid hydrocarbon crystals that can restrict the flow of fuel. The temperature of the fuel in the aircraft tank normally falls during flight depending upon aircraft speed, altitude, and flight duration. The freezing point of the fuel must be lower than the minimum operational tank temperature. The test determines the temperature below which solid hydrocarbon crystals form in aviation fuels. The sample is cooled with continuous stirring in a Dewar-type sample tube until crystals appear.

Features and Benefits
• Improved design with enhanced performance and safety features

• Operating range to –100°F (–73°C)

• Microprocessor PID digital temperature control

• Dual digital displays show setpoint and actual bath temperature

• Selectable temperature scale – Fahrenheit or Celsius

• Conforms to ASTM D2386 and related specifications

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K29790 Freezing Point of Aviation Fuels
Redesigned constant temperature bath for freezing point determinations on fuel samples at temperatures as low as –100°F (–73°C). Accommodates K29700 Freezing Point Apparatus and accessory stirrer. Microprocessor PID circuitry provides precise, reliable temperature control within ASTM specified tolerances. Simple push button controls and dual digital displays permit easy setting and monitoring of bath temperature. Bath medium is contained in a clear, evacuated Dewar flask, and glare-free fluorescent backlighting provides excellent visibility when working with the freezing point samples. Air-cooled hermetic compressors provide efficient operation with the use of CFC-free refrigerants. Temperature control uniformity is assured by means of a motorized stirrer which provides complete circulation without turbulence. Cabinet construction is polyester-epoxy finished steel with a chemical-resistant composite top surface. Working (top) surface includes port and mounting plate for K29700 Freezing Point Apparatus and accessory stirrer. Bath rests on adjustable leveling feet.

Conforms to: ASTM D2386; IP 16; ISO 3013; DIN 51421; FTM 791-1411; NF M 07-048

Temperature Range: Ambient to –100°F (–73°C)

Temperature Control Accuracy and Uniformity: Exceeds ASTM requirements throughout the operating range

Display: 0.1°C/°F resolution

Electrical Requirements
115V, 60Hz, Single Phase, 18.3A
220-240V, 50Hz, Single Phase, 10.0A
220-240V, 60Hz, Single Phase, 10.0A

Dimensions lxwxh,in.(cm)
35x26x31 (89x66x78.75)
Net Weight: 259 lbs (117.5 kg)

Shipping Information
Shipping Weight: 373 lbs (169.5 kg)
Dimensions: 23.75 cu.ft.

Ordering Information
Product Description
Electrical Requirements
Refrigerated Freezing Point Bath
115V, 60Hz
Refrigerated Freezing Point Bath
220-240V, 50Hz
Refrigerated Freezing Point Bath
220-240V, 60Hz
K29700 Freezing Point Apparatus, ASTM D2386
K29750-1-7 Stirrer Motor
115V, 60Hz
K29758-0-7 Stirrer Motor
220-240V, 50Hz
Stirrer Motor
220-240V, 60Hz

Product Description
ASTM 114C Thermometer
Range: -80 to +20
Moistureproof Collar, Type A
Use in place of brass packing gland to prevent condensation of moisture.
Moistureproof Collar, Type B
Use to prevent condensation.
When inquiring about NIST traceable certified thermometers, please refer to the catalog number for the corresponding thermometer and replace the middle three zeros in the catalog number with 004. Example: 251-000-01C ASTM 1C Thermometer would be 251-004-01C ASTM 1C Certified Thermometer.