K33074 Refrigerated Constant Temperature Circulating Baths

K33074 Refrigerated Constant Temperature Circulating Baths
• Standard Digital and Programmable models
• 6L, 13L and 28L models
• Easy-Access Reusable Filter
• Adjustable Over-Temperature Cutoff and Low-Liquid Cutoff
• Temperature readout in °C or °F

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Programmable Model-In addition to high temperature capability, the Refrigerated Constant Temperature Circulating Baths feature exceptional
cooling ability. The 13L and 28L models feature an energy saving modulating refrigeration control system. This permits fast bath cooling even at high
temperatures without excessive energy consumption. The programmable model offers the widest temperature range along with high stability and
variable speed pressure/suction (duplex) pump. RS232 interface and software for PC programming are standard. Labview™ drivers and Excel® macros offer even greater programming and data logging convenience. The full graphic LCD display with multi-language help menus aid in operation and set-up.

Standard Model -The Standard Refrigerated Constant Temperature Circulating baths offer the same cooling capacity as their programmable counter part. The standard digital controller is equipped with three user-defined temperature preset buttons for rapid set point changes. The bright LED display provides read and set capability, plus ±0.05°C temperature stability. The pump is 2-speed pressure (simplex) type is suitable for closed loop applications.


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