K34710 BV3000 Brookfield Viscosity Liquid Bath

Test Method
Determines the low temperature, low shear rate viscosities of gear oils, automatic transmission fluids, hydraulic oils and other fluid lubricants by use of the Brookfield viscometer.

Features and Benefits
• Sample soaking and testing in a single bath, eliminating the need for an air bath and the risk of sample temperature rise during transfer

• Redesigned for improved control of sample movement and handling during testing

• Microprocessor PID temperature control duplicates the sample cooling rates in ASTM D2983

• Up to 40 cooling/testing temperature profiles can be stored in memory

• Redesigned turntable mechanism seals out moisture to minimize ice formation

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BV3000 Brookfield Viscosity Liquid Bath
Constant temperature liquid bath permits testing of samples without the risk of sample temperature rise. After cooling in the air bath, the sample must be transferred to the balsa cell carrier for testing with the Brookfield viscometer. If the sample is not tested quickly, there is the risk of sample temperature rise. The Brookfield Viscosity Liquid Bath eliminates this risk by permitting the sample to be tested in a constant temperature environment. The Brookfield viscometer mounts directly on the bath and the samples are rotated into position under the spindle by means of a built-in turntable. Cooling system maintains temperature with ±0.05°C stability in the range of +10°C to –55°C. Bath temperature is displayed in digital format.

Conforms to the specifications of: Note 7 of ASTM D2983
Sample Capacity: 10 samples
Temperature Range: +10°C to –55°C
Temperature Control Stability: ±0.05°C

Electrical Requirements
115V 60Hz, Single Phase, 16A
220-240V 50 or 60Hz, Single Phase, 12A

Dimensions lxwxh,in.(cm)
Net Weight: 340 lbs (154.2kg)

Shipping Information
Shipping Weight: 300 lbs (136kg)
Dimensions: 13.9 Cu. ft.

Ordering Information
Product Description
Electrical Requirements
BV3000 Brookfield Viscosity Liquid Bath
115V, 60Hz, 16A
K34711 BV3000 Brookfield Viscosity Liquid Bath 220-240V, 50Hz, 12A
BV3000 Brookfield Viscosity Liquid Bath
220-240V, 60Hz, 12A

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