K80040 Force Ductility Mold

Test Method
Evaluates the tensile properties of bituminous materials by measuring the force required to elongate a briquet specimen under controlled laboratory conditions.

Features and Benefits
• Electronic force measurement with digital indication

• Analog output signal for computer interface

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K80040 Force Ductility Mold
Measures the force exerted on a briquet specimen in a standard ductility machine. Use for evaluating the tensile properties of bituminous materials, including asphalt cements, asphalt emulsion residues, polymer modified asphalt cements, and polymer modified asphalt emulsion residues, and for measuring the stress relaxation properties of bituminous materials used in the roofing industry and in the pavement joint sealant industry. Installs easily in the standard or constant temperature ductility machine–no tools are required. Adapter incorporates a linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) to electronically measure the force exerted on the specimen. Stainless steel construction prevents rust and corrosion, and all electrical components are located outside of the water bath. Included digital indicator unit incorporates a power supply for the LVDT and a 0-2 VDC analog output signal for interfacing with a computer data acquisition system, strip chart recorder or datalogger.

Conforms to: ASTM P226

Accuracy: ±0.01 pounds

Included Accessories
Weight Holder for Calibration of Adapter

Dimensions lxwxh,in.(cm)
Adapter: 5.625x1.75x6 (14x4x15)
Digital Indicator Unit: 10x12x3 (25x30x8)

Shipping Information
Shipping Weight: 20 lbs (9.1kg)
Dimensions: 3.4 Cu. ft.

Ordering Information
Product Description
Electrical Requirements
Force Measuring Adapter
115V 60Hz
Force Measuring Adapter
220-240V 50Hz

Product Description
Force Ductility Mold
Includes interlocking brass clips and slides per ASTM D-4/P226 specifications
Base Plate