K93900 TriboDATA Data Acquisition System

Features and Benefits
• Powerful data acquisition system provides analog to digital conversion and data analysis of test results for many tribology instruments available from Koehler as well as other tribology instrument manufacturers

• Real-time display of critical test parameters such as normal load, friction force, temperature, and time

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K93900 TriboDATA Tribology Software
The Koehler TriboDATA System is designed to acquire and process analog data from the various tribology test instrumentation offered from Koehler as well as from other tribology instrument manufacturers. The analog-to-digital converter card is comprised of four analog inputs, and the test data is recorded and displayed in real-time. Up to four graphs can be displayed simultaneously. The data can be stored to disk for future reference or exported in an ASCII text format to other software packages. Critical test parameters are also saved with the data. With the TriboDATA hardware and software package, data acquisition of crucial test parameters such as normal load, friction load, temperature, and time can be seamlessly performed to ensure that your test results are consistent and repeatable within prescribed test conditions. As an option, a CCD camera package is available to capture wear scar images and store them on a PC for analysis.

Computer Requirements

Processor: Pentium or higher
Processor Speed: 100MHz or higher
Operating System: Windows® 95/98/NT
Memory (RAM): 16 Mb
Required Disk Space: 10 Mb
One Free Expansion ISA Slot

Included Accessories
Software on CD-ROM
Acquisition Data Card
Connection Cable
Instruction Manual

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TriboDATA Data Acquisition Software