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November 2016 updates from Koehler

Welcome to the November 2016 edition of the Koehler Newsletter! This edition features a product highlight of the Accelerated Iron Corrosion Tester (AICT), and a review of the recently attended 2016 Gulf Coast Conference in Houston, TX. If you ever wish to unsubscribe to the mailing list there is a link at the bottom of each issue. We hope you find great value in our content and we welcome any feedback or suggestions you wish to provide. Please feel free to share our newsletter or any of the information provided with your colleagues.

The Accelerated Iron Corrosion Tester (AICT) is a newly designed instrument for determining the corrosion of iron, in the presence of water, from Petroleum Products. The AICT complies with ASTM test method D7548, an ASTM alternative to the Standard NACE TM 01-72 test method. This new ASTM method uses only 50mL of sample and takes less than a fourth of the time to complete the test. Compared to that of the NACE test, which requires 300 mL of sample and a 4 hour test time.

The AICT features a 5″ Touch Screen Control Panel with Soft Keys for easy menu navigation. The Instrument is preprogrammed with the required ASTM test parameters for Temperature and Stirring Speed. Software prompts guide the user through the test procedure and an integrated timer automatically counts down and alerts the user to remove and evaluate the test specimens upon completion of the test period.

The instruments small foot print and 4 position sample capacity allows for the unit to be easily positioned on a bench top and acquire up to 32 test results over an 8 hour shift.

For more information on the AICT please contact our Product Manager, Vincent Colantuoni []



Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth or visited our poster presentations at this years Gulf Coast Conference hosted in Houston, TX. For anyone who would like to take a look at the posters that were presented, they can be viewed by clicking the following link: