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Portable Fuel Property Analyzer

Koehler is pleased to introduce the New Portable Fuel Property Analyzer, K24900. The Portable Fuel Property Analyzer (PFPA) provides rapid fuel analysis anywhere it’s needed: the plant, port, or field. Analysis is obtained in seconds using only a 2 mL fuel sample. The PFPA uses Near Infrared Spectroscopy combined with Advanced Multivariate Analysis to determine key fuel properties that influence engine performance.

The PFPA property determinations were developed and validated according to ASTM E1655 “Standard Practice for Infrared Multivariate Quantitative Analysis” using the property values of a diverse matrix of over 800 fuels from around the world determined by traditional ASTM methods.

Properties Predicted by the PFPA:

  • Diesel
    • Density / API Gravity, Distillation Fractions, Cetane Index, Viscosity, Flash Point, Cloud Point, Aromatics & Saturates
  • Jet Fuel
    • Density / API Gravity, Distillation Fractions, Freeze Point, Flash Point Fuel System Icing Inhibitor, Aromatics & Saturates, Hydrogen Content
  • Gasoline
    • Density / API Gravity, Distillation Fractions, Ethanol & MTBE, BTEX, Reid Vapor Pressure, Octane (RON, MON, AKI)