Food Industry

Koehler Instrument Company is proud to offer a wide variety of products for your testing needs!



Koehler Instrument Company’s line of analyzers for the food and beverage industry can be used to test the quality, integrity, flavors, and appearance of liquid, semi-solid, and solid food samples. Please inquire with your Koehler Sales Representative to learn more about our food analyzers and how they can provide a solution for your specific application. You can also click a product image below to find detailed specifications on each of the products you see listed here.



AC500 Automatic Colorimeter

The high performance Spectral Colorimeter measures the color of clear and transparent liquids of over 25 different color scales. Additional capabilities include transmission, extinction measurements and wavelength scans, making the K13560 a versatile instrument for every lab.



Automatic Refractometer w/Touch Screen

The Koehler Automatic Refractometer uses precision optics and superior image analysis to extend the repeatability and accuracy of refractive index measurements for petroleum products. Has been used to test: Seed oils, Juices, Teas, Sy bean oils, Sodas, Candy, Fruit products, Sauces, Syrups, Jellies, Coffee extracts, and more.



Extraction Equipment

Extraction processes (more precisely: solid-liquid extraction process) are used to separate components from a solid sample. The objective of all extraction processes is to dissolve as much of the soluble components as possible with a specific amount of solvent. This is achieved by constantly vaporizing the solvent and allowing it to drip into the sample from a reflux condenser. Three types of extraction equipment are available from Koehler: Soxhlet Extraction, Randall Hot Extraction and Twisselmann.



Extraction Equipment

The Koehler program for the determination of nitrogen using the Kjeldahl method provides the user individually configurable complete solutions for the laboratory. The Kjeldahl method consist of the following components: Digestion Unit, Scrubber, Steam Distillation, Titration Station



Digital Penetrometer and Penetration Equipment

Microprocessor-based penetrometer loaded with advanced features to provide ease of operation and highly reproducible consistency measurements of petroleum products as per ASTM D5, D217, and D1403.


Magnesium or Brass cone (102.5 g) for ASTM D217, IP 167, and ISO 2137. Applications include jam, marmalade, ketchup, mustard, and fruit.


Standard Needle made of stainless steel with either a Brass or Stainless Steel ferrule. Applicable for ASTM D5, DIN 52010, and IP 49. Applications include chocolate, confectioneries, and yeast.


1/2 and 1/4 scale grease workers and cones for use on samples with small quantity. Applicable for ASTM D1403, DIN 51804 pt.2, and IP 310. Applications include fats and other materials of small quantity.


Aluminum cone (45 g) for AOCS Method (Cc 16-60) and AACC 58-14. Applications include edible fats, butter, margarine, confectioneries, and candy.



Calibrated Glassware

Koehler offers a variety of calibrated thermometers, hydrometers, and other glassware specifically suited for a food testing laboratory.