• Combination Octane Rating Unit Engine

Combination Octane Rating Unit Engine

This laboratory test method covers the quantitative determination of the knock rating of liquid spark-ignition engine fuel in terms of Research O.N. and the Motor Octane Number, including fuels that contain up to 25% v/v of ethanol. The sample fuel is tested using a standardized single cylinder, four-stroke cycle, variable compression ratio, carbureted, CFR engine run in accordance with a defined set of operating conditions.

  • Easy to use touch-screen panel with easy to follow guidance simplifies the operation process.
  • Auto-set of intake temperatures, auto-adjustment of ignition time and C.R. digital counter, auto-control of temperature system. Manual adjustment of basic parameters is also available.
  • Professional software provides user-friendly interface and simple fuel rating procedures of ASTM RON and MON Test Methods. Automatic calculation and optimization system is offered to minimize human errors and other failures. 
  • Falling level program gives the operator the flexibility to run a falling level test by Procedure B of ASTM D2699 and D2700. 
  • Electronic on-board barometer automatically adjusts C.R. Digital Counter for barometric pressure. 
  • Cylinder height is measured and auto-adjusted accurately and the results are displayed on-screen in dual dimension values. 
  • Digital knock meter displays actual and accurate knock intensity value and real-time waveform. 
  • Automated data recordings with octane rating reports are automatically captured and presented in an Excel report.
  • Safety system protects octane engine with failure indication system and e-stop.
  • Operation and Maintenance manuals and maintenance logs can be displayed on screen for easy reference. Maintenance time is regularly reminded. 

The Combination Octane Rating Unit with Digital Control Panel is the latest model of octane engines with many easy to use features including automatic functions and enhanced documentation capabilities, conforming to the latest ASTM D2699 (RON) and ASTM D2700 (MON) Test Methods.

The Digital Control Panel delivers consistent and reliable test results, with standard features including on-screen operation, reports, falling level program, automated data recording, auto-set and auto-calculated system, integrated maintenance logs and a comprehensive safety system. 

Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D2699 and ASTM D2700

Working Range: 40 - 120 Octane Number

Operation Conditions:

    Cylinder Jacket Coolant Temperature: 100°C ± 1.5°C

    Crankcase Oil Temperature: 57°C ± 8.5°C

MON Conditions: 

    Engine Speed: 900 ± 9 rpm

    Ignition Timing: Variable as Cylinder Height is changed

    Intake Air Temperature: 38°C ± 1°C

    Intake Mixture Temperature: 149°C ± 1°C

RON Conditions: 

    Engine Speed: 600 ± 6 rpm

    Ignition Timing: 13° BTDC

    Intake Air Temperature: 52°C ± 1°C

Engine Information:

    Compression Ratio (C.R.): 4:1 - 18:1

    Cylinder Bore (diameter): 82.55 mm

    Stroke: 114.30 mm

    Carburetor Venturi (Research): 14.30 mm

    Intake Valve Clearance (Hot): 0.20 mm ± 0.025 mm

    Exhaust Valve Clearance: 0.20 mm ± 0.025 mm

    Intake Valve Opens Timing: 10° ± 2.5° ATDC

    Intake Valve Closes Timing: 34° ABDC

    Exhaust Valve Opens Timing: 40° BBDC

    Exhaust Valve Closes Timing: 15° ± 2.5° ATDC

    Crankcase Oil Pressure: 172 kPa - 207 kPa

Operating Panel: Digital Control Panel

Knock Meter: Automated Digital Knock Meter

Compression Ratio Adjustment: Motor-driven (Auto-adjust)

Compression Ratio Display Device: Dial Indicator & Digital Counter

Engine Speed Conversion: Dual-Speed Monitor

Carburetor: Four-Bowl Falling Level (with a cooling function)

Ignition Timing Display: Digital (Auto-set)

Crankcase Pressure Display: Yes

Electronic Barometer: Yes

Crankcase Oil Heater: Yes

Oil Temperature Display: Yes

Report Generation: Yes

Maintenance Log: Yes

Air Humidity Control Apparatus: Yes

Exhaust Surge Tank System: Yes

Unit Protection Systems: Yes

lxwxh,in.(cm): 68x42x58 (172.72x106.68x147.32)

Net Weight: 2250 lbs (1022 kg)

K90900-PRF-T ASTM Primary Reference Fuel, Toluene, 55 Gal.

K90900-PRF-I ASTM Primary Reference Fuel, IsoOctane, 55 Gal.

K90900-PRF-H ASTM Primary Reference Fuel, n-Heptane, 55 Gal.

K90900-PRF-O ASTM Primary Reference Fuel, Octane #80, 55 Gal.

K90900-TK Tool kit to assist in the maintenance of the Octane Rating Unit

K90900-S Spare Parts to Support the "Combo" Engine