• Advanced Technology Reflectance Unit

Advanced Technology Reflectance Unit

After aging and cooling, fuel samples are filtered and the average amount of filterable insolubles is estimated by measuring the light reflectance of the filter pads. The 100% and 0% extremes of the reflectance rating range are defined by an unused filter pad and a commercial black standard, respectively.

  • Easy-to-use operation
  • Ratiometric measurement of reflectance

The K30700 is easy to use and contains state-of-the-art electronics. To measure reflectance ratiometrically, two calibration points are required. The instrument uses a black cavity standard and a standard plaque. The black cavity standard is designed to have nearly zero reflectance and the standard plaques are calibrated to a traceable national standard with a known reflectance. The first calibration point is referred to as the “dark” or “zero” offset. When a plaque of known diffuse reflectance is placed on the search unit, it produces a voltage in the photosensor array proportional to the light reflected from the plaque. This provides the second or “reference point” of the calibration

Conforms to the specifications of:ASTM D6468, ASTM D1455, ASTM D3052, ASTM D523, ASTM D2457, ASTM E97, ASTM C347, ASTM C346, ASTM C584, FTM 141

Industry Application Search Unit Type Filter Test Method/Standard
Biomedical Erythema, skin color, frog skin, etc. Y Green-Tristimulus and others Numerous by users
Burlap Grading Y Green-Tristimulus By user
Ceramics (Tile & Porcelain) Color classification, Opacity, or contrast ratio Y Varies ASTM E97
Chemical Dry powders, plastics Y Varies By user
Cosmetics Sun tan lotion by skin color, lipstick, face powders, etc. Y Tristimulus By user
Detergents Reflectance before and after cleaning, both cloth and hard materials Y/D Green-Tristimulus By user
Distillate Fuels High temperature fuel stability test Y Green-Tristimulus ASTM D6468
Food & Agricultural Color comparison of food products such as coffee, potato chips, peanut butter, coco, catsup, tuna, sugar, browning of baked goods or potatoes Y/D Tristimulus Coffee Brewing Institute, SCAA, etc.
By user
Industrial Products Color of finished products Y Tristimulus By user
Waxes, powders, flat solids, tiles Y Tristimulus ASTM D1455
ASTM D3052
Metal Finishing Color Y Tristimulus By user
Packaging Color comparison Y Tristimulus By user
Paint & Varnish Color Y Tristimulus Federal Test Method No. 141
Hiding power and contrast ratio Y Green-Tristimulus ASTM D523
Pharmaceutical Powered brightness, product color, packaging All Types Varies
Plastics Color Y Varies By user
ASTM D2457
Pulp & Paper Brightness W Built-In TAPPI Methods
Opacity Y Green-Tristimulus Various ASTM
Color Y Tristimulus
Textile Rapid and convenient color matching of textiles Y/D Tristimulus By user

110-240V 50/60Hz

(H x W x D): 10x8x4.5 in (25.4x20.3x11.4 cm)

  • K30700-1 Y Search Unit for K30700 Reflectance Meter
  • K30700-2 Green Tristimulus for Y Search Unit
  • K30700-3 Reflectance Standard 76-80%
  • K30700-4 Polished Black Glass Standard (2” x 2”)
  • K30700-5 PC Interface
  • K30700-6 Data Save