• Friability Tester

Friability Tester

This test provides friability, or tablet strength under application of a force, determination of compressed, uncoated tablets.

  • Meets current specifications of USP, IP, and other Pharmacopoeias
  • Offers a count and time mode
  • Automatic discharge of the sample into individual sampletray after completion of each cycle
  • 10° tilting of drums as per USP recommendation
  • Easy front loading system
  • Supports friability drum and abrasion drum
  • Calculation of friability – percentage weight loss
  • Balance interface for sample weight transfer

The Friability Tester is advance microcontroller based with user friendly software in dialog mode. The Alpha-Numeric splash proof keyboard allows entries such as sample name, sample number or ID number for data authentication. The report printout complies with GLP requirements and a built-in Real Time Clock provides date, time display, and authenticity of the printout.

Operating Modes: Count or Time, user selectable

Test Mode:

Programmable Count: 1 to 9999

Programmable Time: up to 99:59 (hh:mm)

Display Format: 99:59:59

Display: 20 x 2 Lines, Back light LCD Display

Rotation Speed: 25 ± 1 RPM – fixed 20 – 50 programmable (Optional)

Count Mode Accuracy: Actual Setting ± 1 rotation Standard

Drum Types: 2 Drums, Roche Type or Abrasion Type (optional)

Drum Material: Acrylic -

USP Keyboard: Alphanumeric, splash water proof, polyester soft keys

Output: Printer, RS-232C, Parallel Port, PC Connectivity for Data Downloading

Environmental Operating Conditions:

Operation: Indoor
Temperature: Ambient to 45°C

Humidity: 20% to 80%


wxdxh in.(cm): 12.2 x 12.2 x 19.3 (31 x 31 x 49)

Shipping Weight: 22 lb. (10 kg)