• Automatic Calorimeter

Automatic Calorimeter

Heat of combustion is determined in this test method by burning a weighed sample in an oxygen pressure vessel calorimeter under controlled conditions. The heat of combustion is computed from temperature observations before, during and after combustion with proper allowances for thermochemical and heat transfer corrections. Either isothermal or adiabatic calorimeter jackets can be used.

  • Isoperibolic Calorimetry
  • Removable Oxygen Pressure Vessel and Bucket 4-6 tests per hour (6 tests requires 2nd vessel and bucket)
  • Operator time per test is approximately 6 minutes
  • 0.1% RSD Precision Class Instrument
  • Accuracy: 6318±19 cal/g for single analysis of standard
  • SD Memory and Ethernet Network Communications

The K88990 features a removable pressure vessel and bucket design. It can achieve the highest level of precision and accuracy of any oxygen pressure vessel calorimeter. It is a good choice for high precision quality control work and for research and development. Multiple pressure vessel choices are also available, expanding its functionality for higher energy releases. An isoperibolic calorimeter is one where the surrounding jacket is maintained at a constant temperature while the temperature of the pressure vessel and bucket rise as heat is released by the combustion. The K88900 and K88990 calorimeters are true isoperibolic calorimeters. In these implementations, a controlled temperature jacket completely surrounds the combustion pressure vessel and its “bucket”. A microprocessor-based controller monitors both the temperature of the bucket and the jacket and performs the necessary heat leak corrections that result from differences in these two temperatures. These corrections are applied continuously in real-time throughout the test rather than as a final correction based on pre and post test measurements. Removable pressure vessel calorimeters are the more traditional design most users will recognize. In this design the oxygen pressure vessel and bucket are removed from the calorimeter for loading the sample and filling the bucket with the carefully measured amount of water which absorbs the energy released in the combustion.

  • Oxygen Pressure Vessel, Alloy 20
  • Oxygen Regulator
  • Calibration Standards, Range: 5000-8000 Calorie
  • Maintenance Kit for Pressure Vessel Repair

Conforms to the specifications of: 

ASTM D240, D1989, D4809, D5468, D5865, E711; ISO 1928; DIN 51900; AS 1038.5; BS1016; JIS M8814

Measurement Type: Isoperibolic

Precision Classification: 0.05 to 0.10%

Number of Vessels: Up to 4

Bucket Filling / pressure vessel Washing: Manual

Oxygen Filling: Automatic

Memory: 1000 Tests

Printer / Balance Connection: Ethernet or USB

Network Connection: Ethernet

Temperature Resolution: 0.0001°C

115V 60Hz
230V 50/60Hz

wxdxh,in.(cm): 22.5x15.75x17 (57x40x43)

  • K88900-1 Water Handling System, 115V 60Hz Includes: 2000mL Pipette, Closed Loop Temperature Controlled Water Supply, Integral Solid State Cooling Unit
  • K88990-1 Water Handling System, 230V 50/60Hz
  • K88900-2 Printer w/ Cable
  • K88900-3 Service Kit, 1 year