• Bearing Compatibility Tester

Bearing Compatibility Tester

Evaluates the in-service stability of turbine lubricants by running avb sample-lubricated babbit journal bearing for an extended period at high speed under controlled conditions of load, lubricant flow and temperature. The change in various properties (viscosity, carbon residue, acidity) is measured at the end of the endurance test and the bearing is cleaned and examined for evidence of deposits, corrosion and other changes.

  • Conforms to FTM 791-3452 specifications
  • Digital-indicating controls and built-in temperature recorder

Tests the bearing compatibility (lacquering, deposits, corrosion) and stability of turbine lubricants when subjected to an endurance test. Consists of bearing housing assembly with test bearing and support bearings, hydraulic loading device, oil circulation system with thermostatic and hydrostatic control, and powerful 5hp variable-speed drive system. Digital LCD controls monitor oil pressure, oil temperature and spindle rpm, and a built-in strip chart recorder plots oil temperature at three different points—at the bearing housing, in-line, and in the reservoir. It is equipped with over-temperature and low-pressure cut-off switches and a cartridge oil filter for convenient ‘flush run’ operation. All components are mounted in a sturdy angle iron frame. A removable steel guard protects drive train components.

Conforms to the specifications of: FTM 791-3452 
Journal Drive Motor: 5hp variable speed, with digital 0-3500rpm control. Fan cooled with thermal overload protection
Lubricant Flow: 3.8L/min gear pump recirculating 1.9-23L/min of test lubricant to support bearing and test bearing. Digital oil pressure circulation
Temperature Control: Sump temperature (0-500°F) with digital indication and recording of temperature at bearing housing, sump and in-line
Bearing Load: Hydraulic loading device maintaining 1520 kPa (220 psig) on the loading bearing

200-240V 50/60Hz, 3-Phase, 20A
380V 50/60Hz, 3-Phase, 12A
440V 50/60Hz, 3-Phase, 10A

lxwxh,in.(cm): 48x36x54 (122x91x137) 
Net Weight: 1300 lbs (589.7kg)

  • K29801 Test Bearing