• Enhanced Portable Fuel Analyzer

Enhanced Portable Fuel Analyzer

Determines the Pump Octane Number (AKI), Research Octane Number (RON), and Motor Octane Number (MON) of unleaded gasoline, ethanol blended gasoline, leaded gasoline and Cetane Number for diesel fuels.

Accuracy and repeatability equivalent to ASTM approved CFR engine test methods (ASTM D2699, D2700)

  • Quick and easy accurate lab readings
  • For analysis on site
  • Costs pennies per test
  • Eliminates the need to ship fuel samples to lab
  • Long field life (average of 7+ years)
  • Ease of calibration adjustment
  • User friendly, menu driven interface
  • Stand-alone instrument with ability to upload readings and calibrations to laptop/tablet/PC
  • Larger screen to enable testing in all light conditions
  • 45 second analysis with lab accuracy for RON, MON, R+M/2

The K88620 is the latest top of the line portable fuel analyzer that is capable of testing fuels for octane, cetane, percent ethanol, and biodiesel percentages. Improved NearIR optics and a user-friendly interactive display enables quick and accurate determination of fuel quality at the pump, at the rack, at the terminal, and in production.

  • Instrument
  • Case
  • AA Batteries
  • 5 Rolls of Printer Paper
  • AC Power Cord
  • Calibration Software
  • User’s Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Calibration Manual
Accuracy and repeatability equivalent to ASTM approved CFR engine test methods (ASTM D2699, D2700, D4737, D613; ISO 4264, 5163, 5164; IP 236, 237)
System Capabilities:

  • Pre-calibrated for: Octane number RON, MON, (R+M)/2
  • Optional Calibrations: Diesel cetane index, cetane number, biodiesel percentage
  • Outputs: Full Color Display, built-in Printer that includes time and date of analysis
  • Data Transfer: Via USB port for interface with PC
  • Data Analysis: Includes full calibration software
  • Results: Traceable to CFR Engine or other fuel lab standards
  • Calibrations: Stores up to 10 calibration sets
  • Automatic fuel detection (Gasoline/E-Gas/Diesel)
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Self-standardizing to ensure accuracy
  • Data Storage: Stores data for up to 100 samples

Optical Capabilities:

  • Measurement Mode: Diffuse transmittance
  • Spetrum Range: 16 filters covering wavelengths from 810 to 1045 nm
  • Scan Speed: Up to 10 scans per second
  • Optical Range: 0 to 6 AU
  • Resolution: 0.00001 AU
  • Stability: 0.05 Mili-AU
  • Measurement Time: Variable (Typically under 25 seconds)

Sample Information:

  • Sample Size: 200mL with 75mm pathlength
  • Sample Holder: Reusable glass with chemical seal cover
  • Sample Preparation: None required
  • Sample Destruction: None

K88620: 120V AC 60Hz

K88629: 240V AC 50/60Hz

wxdxh,in.(cm): 4.5” x 13.5” x 2.2” in (12cm x 33cm x 5cm)
Net Weight: 3 lbs. (less than 2 kg)

  • K88620-1 Additional Fuel Calibration (Diesel, Biodiesel)
  • K88620-3 Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • K88620-4 Extended Warranty, 1-year
  • K88620-10 Printer Replacement Mechanism
  • K88601 Printer Paper, 10 Rolls
  • K88604 Sample Holder (Box of 12)
  • K88605 Light Shield
  • K88607 Aluminum Sample Carrying Case w/12 Sample Holders
  • K88608 Sample Holder Lids, Quantity 12
  • K88609 Sample Holder Labels, Quantity 12
  • K88613 GPS Locator

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