• Certified Petroleum Reference Standards

Certified Petroleum Reference Standards

  • Manufactured and certified for ASTM and related test procedures
  • NIST traceable standards developed utilizing ASTM Round Robin trials
  • Custom standards available

Koehler offers an extensive range of certified petroleum reference materials (CRMs) meeting the analytical requirements for ASTM, ISO, EPA, and related test methods, and are traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Complete certification is provided with each standard. Refer to the list below for the reference standard that you require or contact us to discuss your needs for a special standard. Detailed datasheets and quotations for standards listed below or for specially prepared standards are readily available from Koehler by contacting our Customer Service Department. We will respond to you promptly upon receiving your request.

Certified Standards for Petroleum Test Methods

-- O-PONA Method by GC
-- Simulated Distillation (Sim Dis) by GC
D56 Flash Point by Tag Closed Cup
D86 Synthetic Distillation Standard
D92 Flash Point by Cleveland Open Cup
D93 Flash Point by Pensky-Martens Closed Cup
D97 Pour Point
D323 Reid Vapor Pressure of Petroleum Products
D445 Kinematic Viscosity (please refer to pages 18-19)
D611 Aniline Point
D613 Cetane Number of Diesel Fuel Oil
D1015 Freezing Point
D1319 Olefin Analysis by FIA
D1744 Water in Liquid Petroleum Products
D2162 Calibration of Master Viscometers & Viscosity Oil Standards
D2386 Freezing Point
D2500 Cloud Point
D2699 RON of Spark-Ignition Engine Fuel
D2700 MON of Spark-Ignition Engine Fuel
D2789 Hydrocarbon Analysis in Gasoline by GC/MS
D2887 Boiling Range by GC
D3230 Salts in Crude Oil
D3231 Phosphorus in Gasoline
D3237 Lead in Gasoline by AA
D3242 Acidity in Aviation Turbine Fuel
D3340 Li and Na in Lubricating Greases by Flame Photometer
D3524 Diesel Fuel Analysis by GC
D3605 Trace Metal in Gas Turbine Fuel by AA
D3606 Aromatics in Gasoline by GC
D3610 Total Cobalt Analysis by Potentiometric Titration
D3710 Boiling Range by GC
D3798 p-Xylene Analysis by GC
D3831 Manganese in Gasoline by AA
D4052 Density, Relative, and API Gravity of Liquids
D4053 Benzene in Motor and Aviation Gasoline
D4059 PCB Analysis by GC
D4110 Ion Chromatography
D4291 Ethylene Glycol by GC
D4327 Ion Chromatography
D4377 Water in Liquid Petroleum Products
D4420 Aromatics in Gasoline by GC
D4628 Wear Metals in Lube Oil
D4629 Nitrogen by Chemilluminescence
D4815 Oxygenates in Gasoline by GC
D4927 Wear Metals and Additives by WD-XRF
D4928 Water in Liquid Petroleum Products
D4929 Chlorine in Crude Oil by Microcoulometry
D4951 Wear Metals and Additives by ICP
D4953 Vapor Pressure of Gasoline
D5056 Trace Metals in Petroleum Coke by AA
D5059 Lead in Gasoline by X-Ray Spectroscopy
D5134 Petroleum Naphthas through n-Nonane Analysis by GC
D5184 Al and Si by ICP
D5186 Aromatics by SFC
D5188 Vapor-Liquid Ratio Temperature
D5191 Vapor Pressure Standards
D5307 Boiling Range Distribution by GC
D5441 MTBE Analysis by GC
D5442 Petroleum Waxes by GC
D5443 PNA Analysis by Multidimensional GC
D5480 Oil Volatility by GC
D5482 Vapor Pressure Standards
D5501 Ethanol Analysis by GC
D5580 Aromatics by GC
D5599 Oxygenates by OFID
D5600 Trace Metals by ICP
D5622 Oxygenates by Reductive Pyrolysis
D5623 Sulfur Compounds by Sulfur Selective Detection
D5708 Trace Metals by ICP
D5762 Nitrogen by Chemilluminescence
D5769 Aromatics by GC/MS
D5771 Cloud Point (Stepped Cooling Method)
D5772 Cloud Point (Linear Cooling Rate)
D5773 Cloud Point (Constant Cooling Rate)
D5863 Trace Metals by AA
D5901 Freezing Point (Auto Optical Method)
D5950 Pour Point (Auto Tilt Method)
D5972 Freezing Point
D5985 Pour Point (Rotational Method)
D5986 Oxygenates and Aromatics by GC/FTIR
D6160 PCBs by GC
D6258 Solvent Red 164 Dye Concentration in Diesel Fuels
D6277 Benzene in Spark Ignition Fuels
D6293 Oxygenates in Engine Fuels by GC
D6296 Total Olefins in Spark Ignition Engine Fuels by GC
D6304 Water in Liquid Petroleum Products
D6352 Boiling Range Distribution of Petroleum
D6371 Cold Filter Plugging Point of Diesel and Heating Fuels
D6378 Vapor Pressure
D6379 Aromatic Hydrocarbon by HPLC
D6417 Engine Oil by GC
D6443 Metals in Oil
D6481 Lube Oils by ED-XRF
D6550 Olefin Content of Gasoline by SFC
IP170 Flash Point by Abel Closed Cup
Sulfur Standards
D2622 Sulfur by WD-XRF
D3120 Sulfur by Oxidative Microcoulometry
D3246 Sulfur in Petroleum Gas by Oxidative Microcoulometry
D4294 Sulfur by ED-XRF
D5453 Sulfur by Ultraviolet Fluorescence
D6334 Sulfur in Gasoline by Wavelength
D6445 Sulfur in Gasoline by ED-XRF