• Micro Carbon Residue and Ash Tester

Micro Carbon Residue and Ash Tester

Determines the amount of carbon residue formed after evaporation and pyrolysis of petroleum materials under certain conditions and is intended to provide some indication of the relative coke forming tendency of such materials.

  • Maximum Test Temperature: 800°C
  • 2 Preset methods: Micro-Carbon and Ash Tests
  • Provision for creating 18 additional methods with 4 heating segments each
  • Data Storage: 200 Results
  • Quick access to calibration parameters Auto Diagnostic
  • Automatically controlled atmosphere

The Micro Conradson Carbon Residue and Ash Tester features a display screen that allows for friendly and easy use of the apparatus. All access to the calibration, maintenance, language selection, and safety parameters are achieved through the keyboard and protected by a password. A manometer located in the front of the instrument displays the admitted pressure and a flow meter reads the gas flow in the oven. Each solenoid valve can be either manually or automatically activated. The detailed test reports can be printed out in 40 or 80 columns or read on the display screen. Initial and final weights can be added to test reports and the carbon residue will automatically be calculated at the end of the test. The instrument provides a front access to a condensing pot for easy cleaning of all ducts between the oven, the pot, and the chimney using the supplied accessory. The instrument is equipped with a RS232 connection for data transfer to a LIMS system. In addition, the ticket printer (delivered with the apparatus) can be connected to a parallel output.

  • 3 Vial Holders: Large, Small, and Mixed
  • Cleaning Cable
  • Hook for Safe Hot Lid Manipulation
  • Pipes for Gas Connection
  • Operator Software and Serial Connection
  • Extension Pipe for Exhaust Chimney
  • Ticket Printer

Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D4530, D189; IP 398; ISO 10370, ISO 6615; DIN 51551

230V 50-60Hz

 lxwxh,in.(cm): 24.8 x 16.9 x 18.9 (63 x 43 x 48)

Net Weight: 115 lbs (52.2 kg)

Shipping Weight: 150 lbs (68.0 kg)

Dimensions: 36x23x27 in. (91.5x58.4x68.6 cm)

  • K41000-7 Gas Connection Kit - One Gas Output
  • K41000-9 Holder for 25-50-100 g Porcelain Crucibles
  • K41000-1 Pack of 6 Porcelain Crucibles, 120 ml, Tall Form
  • K41000-10 Pack of 6 Porcelain Crucibles, 40 ml, Tall Form
  • K41000-11 Pack of 6 Porcelain Crucibles, 80 ml, Low Form