• [Discontinued] - Constant Temperature Hydrometer Bath, 12-Place

[Discontinued] - Constant Temperature Hydrometer Bath, 12-Place

For density, relative density (specific gravity) or API gravity determination of crude petroleum, liquid petroleum products and mixtures of petroleum and non-petroleum products.

  • Holds 12 hydrometer cylinders
  • Can be used for Reid Vapor Pressure immersion type cylinders
  • Conforms to ASTM D323, D1298, D6074, D6158 and related specifications

A versatile constant temperature bath designed for density/gravity determinations of petroleum products at temperatures of up to 195°F (90°C), and also for Reid Vapor Pressure determinations using immersion pressure vessels. Microprocessor PID control provides quick temperature stabilization without overshoot and the unit is protected by an over-temperature control circuit that interrupts power should the bath temperature exceed a programmed cut-off point. Dual LED displays provide actual and setpoint temperature values in °C/°F.

Note that this product has been discontinued. As a result, some parts listed below may be limited or unavailable. 

  • K26410 Hydrometer Cylinder 
  • Borosilicate glass, 151⁄2"lx2"dia. with 21⁄2" lip
  • 250-000-61F ASTM 61F Thermometer - Range: 90 to 260°F 
  • 250-000-61C ASTM 61C Thermometer - Range: 32 to 127°C