• [Discontinued] - Copper Strip Corrosion - Test Tube Bath

[Discontinued] - Copper Strip Corrosion - Test Tube Bath

The Copper Strip Tarnish Test assesses the relative degree of corrosivity of petroleum products, including aviation fuels, automotive gasoline, natural gasoline, solvents, kerosene, diesel fuel, distillate fuel oil, lubricating oil and other products. A polished copper strip is immersed in 30mL of sample at elevated temperature. After the test period, the strip is examined for evidence of corrosion and a classification number from 1-4 is assigned based on a comparison with the ASTM Copper Strip Corrosion Standards. For aviation fuels and natural gasoline, the sample tube is placed inside a stainless steel pressure vessel during testing.

Constant-temperature bath immerses 17 test tubes for copper strip tarnish tests of products not requiring a test pressure vessel, including: diesel fuel, fuel oil, automotive gasoline, Stoddard solvent, kerosene and lubricating oil. The microprocessor temperature controller has °C/°F switchable digital setpoint and display. The operator and equipment are protected by an over-temperature control circuit which automatically interrupts power to the unit should the bath temperature exceed a programmed cut-off point. Communications software (RS232, etc.), ramp-to-set and other enhanced features are available as extra cost options. Contact your Koehler representative for information. Welded stainless steel inner wall and powder coated steel outer wall construction with built-in support rack. Fully insulated.

Note that this product has been discontinued. As a result, some parts listed below may be limited or unavailable.

  • K25330-8B Optional test Pressure Vessel Rack
  • K25330-4B-8T Optional Rack, 4-Pressure Vessel, 8- Tube
  • K25330-6B-6T Optional Rack, 6-Pressure Vessel, 6-Tube
  • K25080 Copper Test Strip - 12.5x1.5-3.0mm x 75mm to ASTM specifications
  • 332-004-004 Test Tube - 25 x 150mm
  • 332-004-002 Viewing Test Tube - Protects copper strip during inspection or storage
  • K25100 ASTM Copper Strip Corrosion Standards - Colored reproductions of tarnished strips encased in a plastic plaque
  • 380-220-001 Silicone Carbide Paper, FEPA Grade, 220 grit - For polishing of copper strips prior to testing - Pack of 50 sheets
  • 380-150-003 Silicone Carbide Grain, FEPA grade, 150 grit - For final polishing of copper strips prior to testing - 1 lb package
  • K25000 Polishing Vise - Holds copper strip firmly in place without marring the edges. Stainless steel, mounted on a composition base
  • K25090 Multi-Strip Polishing Vise - Similar to K25000 but capable of holding four strips at a time
  • 250-000-12F ASTM 12F Thermometer. Range: –5 to +215°F
  • 250-000-12C ASTM 12C Thermometer. Range: –20 to +102°C