• [Discontinued] - Oxidation Stability Test Apparatus for Gasoline and Aviation Fuels

[Discontinued] - Oxidation Stability Test Apparatus for Gasoline and Aviation Fuels

Please note that this Koehler product has been discontinued. Please visit our page for this product's successor, the K644 Bath Series Oxidation Stability for Gasoline and Aviation Fuels.

Provides an indication of the tendency of gasoline and aviation fuels to form gum in storage. The sample is oxidized inside a stainless steel pressure vessel initially charged with oxygen at 100psi (689kPa) and heated in a boiling water bath. The amount of time required for a specified drop in pressure (gasoline) or the amount of gum and precipitate formed after a specific aging period (aviation fuels) is determined.

  • Oxidation Stability Test Apparatus
  • Conforms to ASTM D525, D873, ISO 7536 and related specifications
  • Oxidata® Pressure Measurement System
  • Available in two, four or six-unit configurations
  • Choice of water/liquid or solid block heating baths
  • Oxidation pressure vessel incorporates burst disk assembly
  • Water/Liquid Oxidation Baths
  • Water/liquid baths conforming to ASTM and related specifications
  • Constant temperature baths for heating K10500 Oxidation Pressure
  • Vessels in accordance with ASTM specifications
  • Solid Block Oxidation Baths
  • Solid block baths conforming to ASTM and related specifications
  • Constant temperature baths for heating K10500 Oxidation Pressure
  • Mechanical Pressure Measuring and Recording Equipment
  • One-pen or two-pen mechanical recorders
  • Pressure gauge for aviation fuel tests
  • Oxidata® Pressure Measurement Systems
  • Electronic pressure measurement systems exclusively designed for ASTM oxidation test methods
  • Powerful Oxidata® software for Windows® environments
  • Monitors up to twelve pressure and four temperature channels
  • Automatic end-point detection
  • Real-time average bath temperature display
  • Can be installed to most manufacturer's fuels oxidation test apparatus

Oxidation Pressure Vessel Precision machined stainless steel pressure vessel includes threaded body; lid; stem with filler rod and mounting flange; needle valve for purging, pressurizing and exhausting pressure vessel with oxygen; and burst disk assembly. Pressure vessel interior and inside of stem have a high polish to facilitate cleaning and prevent corrosion. Stainless steel burst disk ruptures at 223psi (1537kPa) to prevent unsafe pressure build-up inside pressure vessel. Octagonal sections on the pressure vessel and lid permit tight closure with wrench. Includes Buna-N gaskets. 

Water/Liquid Baths – Two different models, both equipped with low liquid level controllers in accordance with the latest ASTM specifications. Two-unit analog controlled water bath can be flush mounted in a table top if desired, and is equipped with an overflow standpipe/drain to maintain the proper depth when the pressure vessels are inserted, and a plated brass reflux condenser to minimize evaporation loss. The six-unit model can be used with water or oil as a bath medium and has microprocessor temperature control that provides quick temperature stabilization without overshoot. Dual LED displays provide setpoint and actual temperature values in °C/°F format. A built-in over-temperature control circuit interrupts power should the bath temperature exceed a programmed cut-off point. Both models feature double-wall insulated construction with stainless steel tanks, support racks and port covers. Order thermometer separately. The six-unit model can be ordered with interchangeable racks for performing the ASTM D942, ASTM D323 and D1298 test methods. Please contact your Koehler representative for additional information. 

Solid Block Baths – Insulated aluminum block baths available in two or four-unit capacity. Baths feature microprocessor temperature control with built-in over-temperature protection and dual LED displays for setpoint and actual temperature values in °C/°F format. The solid block design offers operating advantages over the boiling water bath and meets temperature control and other requirements of ASTM and related methods. It should be noted, however, that many applicable specifications for this test method call for a liquid bath medium. The baths are housed in an insulated steel cabinet with chemical-resistant polyurethane enamel finish. Includes lids for pressure vessel ports. Order thermometer separately. 

Mechanical Recorders - Spring-wound circular chart recorder measures pressure inside oxidation pressure vessel for break point and induction period determinations on gasoline. Housed in a steel case suitable for wall mounting. Order accessory bronze tubing for connection to oxidation pressure vessel. Suitable for oxygen service. Includes 100 24-hour charts. Oxidata® Pressure Measurement Systems Complete electronic measurement systems for plotting pressure versus time and temperature in oxidation testing of fuels. Each system includes transducers, USB multiplexer, software, and mounting and connecting hardware. Systems are available in two, three and four pressure vessel configurations, and additional channels can be added for up to a total of twelve pressure and four temperature channels.

Note that this product has been discontinued. As a result, some parts listed below may be limited or unavailable. 

  • K10500 Oxidation Pressure Vessel
  • K10540 Glass Sample Container and Cover with pour out spout
  • K10540/C Glass Sample Container Cover Only
  • K10510 Gasket. Replacement composition gasket for
  • K10500 Oxidation Pressure Vessel
  • K10551 Pressure Line. For pressurizing Oxidation Pressure Vessel. 6 ft. (1.83m) long, with quick release coupling for needle valve on pressure vessel and threaded fitting for oxygen tank
  • K10556 Oxygen Manifold Pressure Relief System - Connects to oxygen source to prevent overcharging of vessel. Equipped with relief valve to vent at 125psi and 300 series stainless steel 150psi burst disk assembly. Constructed from 300 series stainless steel. Cleaned for oxygen service
  • K10520 Wrench. For tightening seal on Oxidation Pressure Vessel
  • K10530 Table Socket. Installs in benchtop to aid in tightening seal on Oxidation Pressure Vessel
  • K10560 Bronze Tubing - For connecting pressure recorder to vessel. Flexible seamless helical tubing with protective armor braid and connections. 5 ft (1.52m) long
  • K10525 Burst Disk Assembly - Retrofit kit for Oxidation Pressure Vessel without burst disk assembly
  • 250-000-22F ASTM 22F Thermometer - Range: 204 to 218°F
  • 250-000-22C ASTM 22C Thermometer - Range: 95 to 103°C
  • K10504-OPS 2-Unit System, 115V 60Hz
  • K10594-OPS 2-Unit System, 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • K10505-OPS 4-Unit System, 115V 60Hz
  • K10595-OPS 4-Unit System, 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • K10506-OPS 6-Unit System, 115V 60Hz
  • K10596-OPS 6-Unit System, 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • K10504-0-1 Transducer
  • K10570 One-Pen Recorder
  • K10580 Two-Pen Recorder
  • K10590 Pressure Gauge
  • 308-000-005 Recorder Charts - Pack of 100
  • 308-001-02R Recorder Cartridge Pen, Red (for use with K10570 Recorder)
  • 308-001-02B Recorder Cartridge Pen, Blue (for use with K10570 and K10580 Recorders)
  • 308-001-L2R Recorder Cartridge Pen, Long Red (for use with K10580 Recorder)