[Discontinued] - Oxidation Stability Test Apparatus for Lubricating Greases

The sample is oxidized in a pressure vessel initially charged with oxygen at 110psi (758kPa) and maintained at elevated temperature for a specified aging period. The pressure drop inside the pressure vessel is measured by means of a gauge or transducer.

  • Conforms to ASTM D942 and related specifications
  • Four sample testing capability
  • Available Oxidata® Pressure Measurement System

Oxidation Bath – Constant temperature oil bath holds pressure vessels at the proper depth for determining oxidation stability of lubricating greases. Microprocessor PID control provides quick temperature stabilization without overshoot and the unit is protected by an over-temperature control circuit that interrupts power should bath temperature exceed a programmed cut-off point. Dual LED displays provide actual and setpoint temperature values in °C/°F format. Communications software (RS232, etc.), ramp-to-set and other enhanced features are available as extra cost options. Contact your Koehler representative for information. Heavily insulated welded stainless steel bath interior has a pressure vessel support rack and overflow standpipe/drain to maintain proper working depth. Steel exterior has a corrosion-resistant polyurethane enamel finish. 

Oxidation pressure vessel – Stainless steel pressure vessel consists of body, lid with stem and needle valve, and dish holder per ASTM specifications. The pressure vessel interior surfaces and inside of stem have a high polish to facilitate cleaning. Safely withstands a working pressure of 180psi (1241kPa) at 99°C (210°F). Includes PTFE gasket seals (3) and cap screws with wrench. PTFE-fluorocarbon seals are available (see Accessories). 

Pressure Measurement and Recording Equipment – Select mechanical pressure gauges or, for greater convenience and accuracy in test reporting, the Oxidata® Pressure Management System designed expressly for ASTM oxidation tests. Pressure gauge measures pressure inside the oxidation pressure vessel with accuracy of better than 0.5psi (3.45kPa) in accordance with ASTM specifications. Range: 0-160psi (0-1100kPa), graduated in 1psi intervals. Cleaned for oxygen service. 

Oxidata® Pressure Measurement System – A complete electronic measurement system based on powerful Oxidata® software for Windows® environments. Electronically measures and reports pressure versus time and accuracy of better than 0.5psi (3.45kPa) in the range of 0-200psi (0-1378kPa) for four channels in graphical tabular format.
Included RTD attachment permits measurement and reporting of bath temperature. Includes transducers, data acquisition card, multiplexer, Oxidata® software, RTD probe assembly and connecting cables and hardware. Refer to page 115 for complete specifications on Oxidata® software.

Note that this product has been discontinued. As a result, some parts listed below may be limited or unavailable. 

  • K11000 Oxidation pressure vessel
  • 311-160-003 Pressure Gauge 
  • K11005-OPS 4-Unit Oxidative Pressure Measurement for Lubricating Grease Oxidation Tests, 115V 60Hz
  • K11095-OPS 4-Unit Oxidative Pressure Measurement for Lubricating Grease Oxidation Tests, 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • K11040 Borosilicate Glass Dish
  • 250-000-22F ASTM 22F Thermometer. Range: 204 to 218°F
  • 250-000-22C ASTM 22C Thermometer. Range: 95 to 103°C 
  • 355-001-001 White Technical Bath Oil,  Gallon container 
  • 355-001-003 White Technical Bath Oil, 5 Gallon container 
  • K10504-0-1 Transducer Assembly
  • K10551 Pressure Line. For pressurizing Oxidation pressure vessel. 6 ft (1.83m) long, with quick release coupling for needle valve on pressure vessel and threaded fitting for oxygen tank
  • K10556 Oxygen Manifold Pressure Relief System - Connects to oxygen source to prevent overcharging of pressure vessel. Equipped with relief valve to vent at 125psi and 300 series stainless steel 150psi burst disk assembly. Constructed from 300 series stainless steel. Cleaned for oxygen service.
  • K11029 PTFE-fluorocarbon Gasket