• Hardness Tester

Hardness Tester

  • Single position or 12 position Carousel for Automatic measurement of tablet parameters:
    • Thickness
    • Length/Diameter
    • Hardness
  • Built in sweeping blades clean the tablet path for removal of broken pieces, debris & dust.
  • Automatic run can be performed continuously for up to 99 tablets. Run can be restarted on power failure or system reset with last run parameters.
  • Linear displacement of 0.8mm/sec with fast advance and return movement of breaking arm saves runtime.
  • Validation/Calibration protocol with verification for:
    • Hardness – 3 point load cell calibration with standard weights
    • Length/Diameter and Thickness – 3 point calibration with standard thickness gauges
  • Quick Run for Thickness, Length, Hardness, or All parameters. Measurement in sequence of up to 25 sample tablets with GLP information.

The Tablet Hardness Tester is advance microcontroller based with user friendly software in dialog mode and has the capability of protection against invalid entries. The Alpha-Numeric splash proof keyboard allows entries such as sample name, sample number or ID number for data authentication. The keyboard also allows for two tier password protection (User and Administrator) for method editing and validation for up to 10 users. There is a method storage capacity of 99 programs with parameters. The report printout complies with GLP requirements and a built-in Real Time Clock provides date, time display, and authenticity of the printout.


  Linear Transducer

  Measuring Range: 0.1mm – 15.0mm

  Measuring Accuracy: ±0.06mm


  Stepper controlled load touch sensor

  Measuring Range: 0.1mm – 32.0mm (12 Carousel) 0.1mm – 40.0mm

  Measuring Accuracy: ±0.06mm

Hardness: Speed control by stepper motor

  Load Cell – Strain Gauge

  Measuring Range: 2N to 500N

  Measuring Accuracy: ±1N

Weight: Manual entry by user (for reporting purpose)

  Automatic Balance Interface

Display: 40 x 2 Lines, Back light LCD Display

Report Format:

  GLP and Pharmacopoeia compliant report with statistics (Avg, Min, Max and RSD)

  Program Parameter Report

  Validation Report

Output: Parallel port for Dot Matrix / Desk Jet Printer RS232 C ports for Balance connectivity and PC connectivity for data download

Environmental Operating Conditions:

  Operation: Indoor

  Temperature: Ambient to 45°C

  Humidity: 20% to 80%


wxdxh in.(cm) [Single Unit]: 12.4 x 13 x 7.9 (31.4 x 33 x 20)

wxdxh in.(cm) [12 and 24-Position Unit]: 14 x 13.8 x 12.6 (36 x 35 x 32)

Shipping Weight [Single Unit]: 30.9 lb. (14 kg)

Shipping Weight [12 and 24-Position Unit]: 40 lb. (18 kg)