• Leakage Tendencies Tester

Leakage Tendencies Tester

Evaluates the tendency of automotive wheel bearing grease to separate oil and/or grease under prescribed laboratory conditions. The test is performed at elevated temperature in a modified automotive spindle-hub assembly rotated at 660rpm. Any leakage of oil or grease during the test period is collected and weighed.

  • Conforms to ASTM D1263 and FTM 791-3454 specifications
  • Microprocessor programmable high accuracy temperature control

Consists of a modified front wheel hub and spindle assembly with drive motor and constant temperature air cabinet. Rotates hub at 660rpm while maintaining spindle temperature at a constant 220°F (104°C) or other specified temperature. Oil that has separated from the sample grease during the test period is collected in the hub cap and in a leakage collector that installs on the spindle. The hub is rotated by a durable 1⁄3hp motor through a V-belt drive. Microprocessor PID control provides quick temperature stabilization without overshoot and the unit is protected by an over-temperature control circuit that interrupts power should the bath temperature exceed a programmed cut-off point. Dual LED displays provide actual and setpoint temperature values in °C/°F format. Communications software (RS232, etc.), ramp-to-set and other enhanced features are available as extra cost options. Contact your Koehler representative for information. The cabinet is insulated on all sides and has a hinged cover for easy access to the hub-spindle assembly. Thermometer ports in the spindle and the cabinet allow for precise setting and monitoring of test temperature. Housed in a heavy-gauge steel exterior with polyurethane enamel finish.

  • Large (Inner) Bearing (1)
  • Small (Outer) Bearing (1)

Conforms to the specifications of: 

ASTM D1263; FTM 791-3454

Maximum Temperature: 250°F (121°C)

115V 60Hz, Single Phase, 13.0A
220-240V 50Hz, Single Phase, 7A
220-240V 60Hz, Single Phase, 7A

lxwxh,in.(cm): 201⁄2x18x15 (52x46x38)
Net Weight: 95 lbs (43.1kg)

Shipping Weight: 212 lbs (96.2 kg)

Dimensions: 28x28x25 in. (71.1x71.1x63.5 cm)

  • K18723 Torque Wrench 
  • 250-000-07F ASTM 7F Thermometer - Range: 30 to +580°F 
  • 250-000-07C ASTM 7C Thermometer - Range: –2 to +300°C
  • 289-004-004 Large (Inner) Bearing
  • 289-004-003 Small (Outer) Bearing