• Low Temperature Grease Flow Tester

Low Temperature Grease Flow Tester

This test method is used to assess the flow ability of grease in cold environments. Low temperature flow properties are important grease parameters when it comes to central lubrication systems, vehicles and machineries in harsh environments. 

  • Conforms to DIN 51805
  • Operation range between ambient and -50°C
  • User selectable test parameters
  • Remote monitoring / control via app

The Low Temperature Flow Tester, K95300, has been developed for testing lubricating greases in low temperature environments. The test is performed in accordance with DIN 51805 and can also be customized.

Low Temperature Flow is measured according to the method of Kesternich (DIN 51805). The K95300 test system is an instrument for the determination of the flow pressure of lubricating grease at temperatures down to -50°C. Due to the special design of the cooling system, the K95300 can cool down in high speed and reach temperatures of -50°C without an expensive external cooling device. 

The core components are in accordance with medical standards to ensure highest precision and accuracy even in very low-pressure ranges. An easy to use touch screen interface helps to operate and use the machine in a quick and professional way. 

Software - A touch screen with integrated PLC controls the system and allows easy adjustment of test parameters and quick setups. Below are some of the key functions: 

  • Pre-defined pressure settings according to DIN 51805, customized setup possible
  • Pre-defined selection of most used temperatures or free selection possible
  • Pre-defined increase time of 30 s or custom
  • User selectable starting pressure
  • Help function directly embedded in the HMI
  • Remote monitoring / control via app

Conforms to the specifications of: DIN 51805

Pressure Range: 0 to 3 Bar

Pressure Resolution: <1 mBar

Temperature Range: ambient to -50°C

Temperature Resolution: <1°C

PLC: Touch PLC

Internal Generated Air Pressure

Interface: Ethernet

Voltage: 110 - 230V 50/60Hz

Power: 350 W Max.

lxwxh,in.(cm): 17.3x12.6x9 (44.0x32.0x23.0)

Net Weight: 55 lbs (25 kg)

Basic Machine

Multi Range Power Supply 

PLC and HMI Software

1 Testing Sleeve

3 Unloading Containers

Tooling Set


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K95300 ES

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