• Low Temperature Torque Apparatus

Low Temperature Torque Apparatus

Significant for the design and specification of greases for low temperature service, the low temperature torque test measures the extent to which a grease sample retards rotation of a bearing assembly at the test temperature.

  • Digital torque indication for two samples
  • Choice of test rig combinations
  • Mechanically refrigerated, with standard –65°F (–54°C) operating range
  • Optional cooling range to –100°F (–73°C)
  • Conforms to ASTM D1478, D4693 and D4950 specifications
  • Data acquisition software available

Refrigerated two-unit apparatus for ASTM low temperature torque tests on lubricating greases. Includes an insulated, thermostatically controlled air chamber with test rigs, drive shafts and externally mounted gear motors. Rotates drive shafts at 1rpm while electronic load cell-strain gauge indicators measure the torque required to restrain the test rigs. Digital LED displays indicate torque for each drive unit and cold chamber temperature. On ASTM D4693 models, the spindle temperature is also indicated for each drive unit. Includes drive shaft overtorque protection—when drive shaft torque exceeds a preset value, the drive motors automatically shut down to prevent breakage of shaft insulators. Standard cooling range of –65°F (–54°C) meets ASTM requirements for D1478 and D4693 test methods. Optional –100°F (–73°C) range is available for special testing requirements. ASTM D1478 Model for Ball Bearing Greases – Equipped with two test cages and two 6204 ball bearings per ASTM D1478 specifications. ASTM D4693 Model for Automotive Wheel Bearing Greases – Equipped with two spring loaded spindle-bearings-hub assemblies, bearing packer assembly and bearing installation and removal tools. Combined ASTM D1478-D4693 Model – Equipped with one test cage and one 6204 ball bearing for ASTM D1478 testing and one spindle-bearings-hub assembly with bearing packer and tools for ASTM D4693 testing. Data acquisition software – Data acquisition software facilitates running both ASTM D1478 and D4693 tests. Graph of torque versus time details starting torque, running torque and time elapsed. Includes software, data acquisition board and cable.

Conforms to the specifications of: 

ASTM D1478, D4693, D4950; FTM 791-334

Cooling Range:

Standard: –65°F (–54°C)
Optional: –100°F (–73°C)

Temperature Uniformity: ±1°F (±0.5°C)

Refrigeration: air-cooled mechanical cascade hermetic system

Cabinet: floor mount, polished stainless steel exterior, rides on swivel casters

230V 50Hz
230V 60Hz

lxwxh,in.(cm): 481⁄2x34x451⁄2 (123x86x116)
Net Weight: 597 lbs (270.8 kg)

Shipping Weight: 1005 lbs (455.9 kg)

Dimensions: 55x47x60 in. (139.7x119.4x152.4 cm)

  • K18871 Data Acquisition Package. 
  • 289-001-006 Test Bearing, 6204, for ASTM D1478 
  • 308-230-009 Chart Recorder, 115V/230V 
  • K18860-0-24 Inboard Test Bearing, for ASTM D4693, LM-67010-LM-67048 tapered roller bearing
  • K18860-0-16 Outboard Test Bearing for ASTM D4693, LM-11910-LM-11949 tapered roller bearing