• Reid Vapor Pressure Bath

Reid Vapor Pressure Bath

Vapor pressure is a critical factor in the handling and performance of liquid petroleum and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) products. The vapor pressure of automotive gasolines is subject to governmental regulation for pollution control purposes.

  • 4/6-Unit Reid Vapor Pressure Bath:
  • Conforms to ASTM D323, D1267 and related specifications
  • Free-standing or flush-mount benchtop installation
  • Microprocessor programmable high accuracy temperature control
  • 21-Unit Reid Vapor Pressure Bath:
  • Conforms to ASTM D323, 1267 and related specifications
  • Digital electronic temperature control
  • Automatic water level control maintains proper immersion depth

Conforms to ASTM D323, D1267 and related specifications. One-opening and two-opening types. Hydrostatic Test (two-opening type): Withstands 1000psi (6894kPa) gauge hydrostatic pressure per ASTM D1267 specifications. Polished stainless steel test cylinders for vapor pressure tests of liquid petroleum products, volatile crude oil and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Consists of upper chamber and lower chamber in required 4:1 volume ratio. O-ring gaskets provide tight seal between chambers and at gauge coupling. One-opening type is for gasoline and other products having a Reid Vapor Pressure below 26psi (180kPa). Two-opening type is for liquid products having a Reid Vapor Pressure above 26psi (ASTM D323) and for LPG (ASTM D1267). Lower chamber of two-opening apparatus includes straight-through ball valve and 1⁄4" needle valve. For LPG testing, order two-opening type apparatus and accessory bleeder valve assembly. Includes Threaded 1⁄4" Gauge Coupling and O-ring Seals. 

Wireless Reid Vapor Pressure Data Acquisition System Windows®-based electronic pressure measurement software designed for ASTM Reid Vapor Pressure test methods. Monitors up to eight pressure vessel channels, graphing pressure and RVP data in real-time for each channel. Each channel can be run independently and configured for the pressure ranges of 0-50, 0-200, and 0-1000 psi. Pressure values can be reported in psi or kPa. Software automatically exports results into Microsoft® Excel for data analysis and storage. 

4/6-Unit Reid Vapor Pressure Bath Constant temperature water baths designed for Reid Vapor Pressure determinations of liquid petroleum products and liquefied petroleum gases (LPG). Immerses vapor pressure apparatus at the proper depth per ASTM specifications. Controls bath temperature with ±0.2°F (±0.1°C) precision. Microprocessor PID control provides quick temperature stabilization without overshoot, and the bath is protected by an over-temperature control circuit that interrupts power should the bath temperature exceed a programmed cut-off point. Dual LED displays provide actual and setpoint temperature values in °C/°F format. Double-wall construction with fiberglass insulated stainless steel tank. A sturdy 1" (25mm) flange permits flush-mount benchtop installation for easy access to the bath interior. Built-in holders suspend test cylinders at the required depth. Equipped with overflow stand pipe/drain.

21-Unit Reid Vapor Pressure Bath Constant temperature water bath immerses twenty-one test cylinders for vapor pressure tests on liquid products and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Electronic level control automatically maintains the proper immersion depth per ASTM specifications. Heating system employs a 6kW stainless steel heat exchanger with a heavy duty circulating pump to provide rapid heat-up, even heat distribution and ease of servicing. Convenient digital setpoint and display permits rapid selection of any bath liquid temperature within the operating range. A built-in over-temperature limit control protects against accidental overheating. Bath interior and internal components are constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel. Control panel is shielded by a hinged acrylic cover. Includes sturdy angle-iron base with corrosion resistant polyurethane finish. Order pressure gauges and cylinders separately.

Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D323, D1267; GPA 2140; 

IP 69, 161, 410; ISO 3007, 4256; DIN 51616, 51754; FTM 791-1201


4 Unit: 1 to 4 vapor pressure apparatus, one- or two-opening type
21 Unit: 21 vapor pressure test cylinders

Temperature Range: 212°F (100°C)

Temperature Control Stability: ±0.2°F (±0.1°C)

Heater Range: 0-6000W

Bath Medium:

4 Unit: 13.7 gal (51.9L) water
21 Unit: 58 gal (219.5L) water

4 Unit: 115V 60Hz, Single Phase, 18.8A; 220-240V 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 9.4A
21 Unit: 220-240V 50Hz, Single Phase, 28A; 220-240V 60Hz, Single Phase, 28A

4 Unit: 15x15x36 (38.1x38.1x91.5)
21 Unit: 48x22x36 (122x56x91)

Net Weight:
K11415- 354 lbs (160.6 kg)
K11416- 319 lbs (160.6 kg)
K11450- 65 lbs (29.5 kg) 
K11459- 65 lbs (29.5 kg)

Shipping Weight

K11415- 586 lbs (265.8 kg)
K11416- 465 lbs (160.6 kg)
K11450- 80 lbs (160.6 kg)
K11459- 80 lbs (160.6 kg)


K11415- 59x34x44 in. (149.9x86.4x111.8 cm) 
K11416- 52x29x44 in. (132.1x73.7x111.8 cm) 
K11450- 28x24x47 in. (71.2x61.0x119.4 cm)
K11459- 28x24x47 in. (71.2x61.0x119.4 cm)

  • K11500 Reid Vapor Pressure Cylinder, One-Opening Type
  • K11201 Reid Vapor Pressure Cylinder Two-Opening Type
  • K11202 Bleeder Valve Assembly for LPG tests for K11201 test cylinder
  • 311-005-004 Range (psi/kPa): 0-5/35 Figure Intervals (psi/kPa): 0.5/5 Interval Graduations(psi/kPa):0.05/0.2
  • 311-015-002 Range (psi/kPa):  0-15/100 Figure Intervals (psi/kPa):1.0/10 Interval Graduations(psi/kPa):0.1/1.0
  • 311-030-002 Range (psi/kPa):  0-30/200 Figure Intervals (psi/kPa):5.0/20 Interval Graduations(psi/kPa):0.5/2.0
  • 311-060-002 Range (psi/kPa):  0-60/400 Figure Intervals (psi/kPa):5.0/50 Interval Graduations(psi/kPa): 0.2/2.5
  • 311-100-002 Range (psi/kPa):  0-100/700 Figure Intervals (psi/kPa):10/50 Interval Graduations(psi/kPa):0.5/2.5
  • 311-250-001 Range (psi/kPa):  0-250/1750 Figure Intervals (psi/kPa):25/100 Interval Graduations(psi/kPa):1.0/20
  • 311-600-003 Range (psi/kPa):   0-600/4200 Figure Intervals (psi/kPa):50/250 Interval Graduations(psi/kPa):2.0/25
  • K11401-RPS RVP Data Acquisition System, 115V 60 Hz
  • K11491-RPS RVP Data Acquisition System, 230V 50/60 Hz
  • K11404-50 RVP Pressure Transducer, 0-50 psi
  • K11404-200 RVP Pressure Transducer, 0-200 psi
  • K11404-1000 RVP Pressure Transducer, 0-1000 psi
  • 250-000-18F ASTM 18F Thermometer
  • Range: 94 to 108°F
  • 250-000-18C ASTM 18C Thermometer
  • Range: 34 to 42°C
  • 250-000-65F ASTM 65F Thermometer
  • Range: 122 to 176°F
  • 250-000-65C ASTM 65C Thermometer
  • Range: 50 to 80°C
  • K11800 Sample Container with Cover Assembly
  • K11810 Transfer Connection
  • Consists of threaded brass cap, delivery tube and
  • sampling tube. Use for removing liquid from the
  • sample container in accordance with ASTM specifications
  • 371-000-002 Liquid Manometer
  • Graduated in inches (0.1" div.).
  • For checking pressure gauge reading of up to 15psi
  • K112B-1-0-12 Manometer Adapter Kit
  • Kit for attaching pressure gauge to liquid manometer for pressure verification
  • AS568-210 O-ring Seal
  • For coupling between air and gas chambers on
  • K11500 and K11201 vapor pressure pressure vessels
  • AS568-113 O-ring Seal
  • For gauge and bleeder valve assembly connections on K11500 and K11201 vapor pressure pressure vessels
  • K40100 Flexible Tubing
  • Sulfur-free plastic lined tubing with 1⁄4" stainless steel and aluminum connectors.
  • For charging LPG test cylinder.

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