• Scratch Tester

Scratch Tester

The Scratch Tester is a versatile instrument capable of quantifying scratch resistance, critical load, adhesion and bond strength for a wide range of surfaces. The tester evaluates scratch resistance of a sliding surface in relative motion (X movement) to a stylus. The stylus is pressed against the moving surface with controlled force which is normal to the surface. Tangential force at the contact is measured. The ratio of tangential and normal forces is merely the coefficient of friction up to the threshold of surface damage. Energy required to damage the surface contributes an additional component to the tangential force, which increases this ratio. Force ratio is not the only sign of damage - acoustic emission level also increases, corroborating the occurrence of surface damage. An image of the entire scratch may be captured and the view at any given load can be seen to study the nature of the failure.
  • Control Box 
  • Diamond Indenter
  • Reference Sample (2) 
  • Data Acquisition Software
  • Tool Kit 
  • Operating and Instruction Manual

Normal load control range: 2 - 20N 

Normal load accuracy: 1% or 10mN 

Tangential force measurement range: 2 - 20N

Tangential force accuracy: 1% or 10mN

Stroke (X): 0.1 - 50mm

Speed: 0.1 - 5mm/s

Pitch(Y): 0.2 - 50mm

Loading Rate: 0 - 20N/s. In steps of 0,2,5,10,15,20N/s

Sample Size (LxWxT): 60x60x10mm

Operating Temperature: 15 - 40°C. RH: 25 - 85%

Storage Temperature: -10 - 40°C, RH: 0 - 90%

115V 60Hz
220V 50Hz

lxwxh,in.(cm): 11.81x10.83x21.65 (30x27.5x55)
Net Weight: 44.1lbs (20kg)

  • K93004 CCD Based Image Acquisition System
  • K93016 Acoustic Emission Sensor