Tapping Torque Tester

To evaluate the relative performance of metal removal fluids using a non-matrix test protocol using the tapping torque test machine.

  • Conforms to ASTM D5619 and related specifications
  • Automatic Spindle Feeding by Pneumatic System
  • Data Acquisition Software included

The Tapping Torque Tester is equipped with an Integrated X-Y manual Positioning Table (200 mm x 400 mm) with four cross rollers, Electro-magnetic locks, and integrated control through tapping units. The tester utilizes infrared thermometry for temperature sensing. The temperature is determined at the tip of the tool right before measurement.

  • Measurement Equipment Starter Set (2)
  • Carbon Steel Forming (2)
  • Carbon Steel Cutting (2)
  • Control Program for Thread Cutting, Thread Forming, and Rethreading
  • Data Acquisition System for Torque Analysis by
  • Software

Conforms to the Specifications of: 

ASTM D5619

Controlled Speed: 300 to 2000 rpm

Torque Range: 0.50 to 70 Nm / 50 to 700 Ncm

Spindle Distance: 70 - 400 mm

Tap Size: M2.5 - M8

Power supply: 220-240V 50/60Hz