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Gulf Coast Conference 2018 Visit Koehler at Booth #1017

Koehler Instrument Company will be exhibiting at the 2018 Gulf Coast Conference being held at the Moody Gardens Convention Center in Galveston, TX from October 16th – 17th.

Stop by our booth to chat with some of our Sales and Marketing Representatives, pick up a catalog, and see some of our equipment on display.

If you would like to set up a meeting with us prior to GCC just give us a call at +1-(631)-589-3800 or reply to this e-mail!

Poster Presentations
Koehler will also be presenting multiple posters during the poster sessions on Tuesday, October 16th and Wednesday, October 17th. Please stop by to see some of our current work through the industry. A list of the posters and times they will be presented can be found below. You can also click on the poster titles below to view them.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Poster #102 (10:00 AM): EDXRF Technology’s Applications to Measure the Sulfur Content in Ultra-Low Sulfur Fuels and to Measure Organometallic Additives in Lubrication Oils and Motor Gasoline

Poster #103 (10:30 AM): Innovative Instrumentation Design for Measuring Multiple Fuel Properties in Diesel Fuel

Poster #119 (11:30 AM)Application of ASTM Test Methods to Analyze the Oxidation Properties of Automotive Gasoline in Various Test Conditions

Poster #106 (1:00 PM)Recent Advances in a Unique Laboratory Technique SRV® to Study and Help Solve a Wide Range of Tribological Real-life Problems

Poster #120 (2:30 PM)Ongoing Developments of ILSAC GF-6 Engine Oils Standards

Poster #122 (3:00 PM)Assessment of Biodiesel Quality Test Methods Used in Middle Distillate Fuels

Poster #128 (3:30 PM)The effect of intermolecular forces and entropy on viscosity, vapor pressure and evaporation in hydrocarbon oils