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Representing Omnitek BV in the United States, Canada, and Mexico

Koehler Instrument Company Partners with Omnitek BV to Advance Viscosity Testing in Prime Markets

Holtsville, NY — January 30th, 2019. Koehler Instrument Company, a preeminent manufacturer and supplier of petroleum, synfuels and petrochemical instrumentation worldwide, is proud to announce their alliance with Omnitek BV, a prominent company in the analysis of oil and lubricants; most notable of their achievements, in the industry, being their product line of S-flow Houillon viscometer systems, which have revolutionized many laboratories around the globe.

Omnitek’s commitment to automation and advanced measurement techniques has led to their proliferation at a rapid pace. This resulted in the company, founded in 1979 by Willem Wagelaar, a glass instrument maker, and known in its original incarnation as Wagelaar Glasinstrumenten, to completely cease their glass production in order to focus solely on the development and manufacturing of automated measuring equipment. In light of these significant overhauls, the company was renamed Omnitek.

Koehler Instrument Company and Omnitek recently inked a distribution agreement, whereby Koehler will exclusively distribute to existing customers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico markets for the U-Visc, BitUVisc and S-Flow family of automated Kinematic Viscometry Systems. The U-Visc Automated Kinematic Viscometer System fully complies with ASTM D445/D446, and combines several unique features making it the instrument of choice in many applications ranging from QC to R&D to used oil analysis. The S-Flow Houillon Viscometer, which consists of compact, bench-top viscometry systems for the analysis of Newtonian fluids, complies fully with ASTM D7279 and gives full correlation to ASTM D445. It is the system used in oil analysis labs which need to test a wide variety of lubricant viscosities. The BitUVisc system is an automated viscometry system for bitumens and similar high viscous products. The accuracy of the results obtained far surpasses requirements in ASTM D2170 and is fully compliant with ASTM D445.

Koehler’s nearly a century of expertise, in the petroleum testing and tribology market, combined with Omnitek’s proficiency in automation and cutting-edge measurement techniques ushers in a mutually favorable affiliation for both companies as well as providing a boon to their respective customer bases.