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NEW Bench-Top Four Ball Tester

Koehler Instrument Company, Inc. (USA) is pleased to announce our new K93170 Benchtop Four Ball Wear and EP Tester. The Koehler Four Ball Wear and EP Tester is designed to conduct tests to determine coefficient of friction as well as wear preventative and extreme pressure properties of lubricating oils.

The K93170 is compliant with ASTM D2266, D4172, D5183, D2596 and D2783 and features:

      • Integrated 15 inch multi-touch control panel
      • Small bench-top footprint of 62.5 x 50 x 90 cm
      • Built-in pneumatic loading system up to 1000 kg
      • Predefined standard test protocols and customized user defined test options
      • Built-in pneumatic moisture control

The new Four Ball Tester is a compact, bench-top system with precise speed, load and temperature controls. It is the ideal system for laboratories seeking to test their lubricating oil under a variety of test conditions.